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Home Front Episode 7

All a Setup

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Midway through the series, we need a slimy biker looking guy, "hey uncle Vi, I heard you wanted a part in the show?"

No matter what the project, you want an ultimate professional, call Vito Amari!

Home Front Episode 6

Liar, Liar

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Really uncle Ed, you want in?

Luckily my quick thinking genius was able to intricately create and weave a character for "big Ed" to portray seamlessly.

Home Front Episode 5

Apology Unaccepted

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There's no other words than, WOW!

Riveting also comes to mind, suspense at its best.

Audio 11/11/1967

Pete and Baby Anna Amari/Pasquini

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Found on the same reel, this is my father trying to get Anna to talk.

Audio Early 70's

Wash, Agnes, Pete, Vera and Mystery Kids

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This is a tape that I found on my father's reel to reel from back in the mid 60's. It has audio from Uncle Wash, Aunt Agnes, my mother and father, and I'm not sure if it's Gracie in the background or not, but you can let me know.

Home Movies 1980

April Birthdays Grandma Testa's House

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On the tape, my dad said it December 5th, 1980, but it has to be in April where it's Grandma Testa, Anna and Cynthias' birthdays. Nonetheless, it's been a staple in our house to remember that group which got together routinely at Bleecker for most of my childhood.


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Pete & Pete Productions is a fictitious production company that has been producing family hits since the early 90's. First established in 1992, we've gone on to produce albums, TV shows, movies, etc... The company was founded and named by Peter E. Amari Jr., in acknowledgement of collaborative ventures with his son Peter E. Amari III. The goal was, and still is, to promote 3 things:

  1. Family involement/enjoyment
  2. Fun memories
  3. A reason for us to do stupid shit

We hope you enjoy seeing, reading, and hearing items from the past, as well as our future endeavors.

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