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Cooperstown 2001

Mets vs. Yankees - Cooperstown 2001

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Two days after 9/11, we decided to push on and go play hardball at Doubleday field in Cooperstown NY

Brady Iorio "IS" Batman!

Brady's Birthday Movie 2017

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What do you get your God son who has it all? A starring role in his own Batman short!

Christmas 1974 Video

A collection taken around Christmas time 1974.

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So, to pay homage to one of, if not the, best Christmas movie ever made, I took this silent home movie collection and tied it together like in the movie.

Sunday Morning Hockey at Meadowbrook

Our first attempt at an organized hockey league.

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To say me and Chris took recreational sports to a psychotic level is an understatement. This is an early example of what would turn out to be years and years of leagues, and fights and championships and people rotating in and out of our lives, etc...!!

A Round at Bethpage Black 2002

Chris, Tom, Big Ed and Pete G shooting a round on Bethpage Black, 2002.

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Chris, Tom, Big Ed and Pete G shooting a round on Bethpage Black, 2002.

Beam Us Up Scotty

A video made on our trip to Universal Studios 1992.

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Me, Sal, Anna, Joey, Lynda and Chris, decided to make a video as the cast of Star Trek at Universal Studios.


About Us

Pete & Pete Productions is a fictitious production company that has been producing family hits since the early 90's. First established in 1992, we've gone on to produce albums, TV shows, movies, etc... The company was founded and named by Peter E. Amari Jr., in acknowledgement of collaborative ventures with his son Peter E. Amari III. The goal was, and still is, to promote 3 things:

  1. Family involement/enjoyment
  2. Fun memories
  3. A reason for us to do stupid shit

We hope you enjoy seeing, reading, and hearing items from the past, as well as our future endeavors.

Pete & Pete

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