Anna and the Green Screen

Testing out the green screen.

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I was always facinated with the concept of "green screen" and wanted to always have the ability to try it out.

Home Front 12

The Strip

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Still as funny as when we first filmed it. Besides Ali and Dom's infamous striptease, how about my father and Gracie reliving what I perceive, as the 70's night life.

Home Front Episode 11


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Maybe I was getting lazy, but when the script in clearly placed on the table for Joey to read in his scene with my father, the writing should have been on the wall. It's over Johnny!!!

Home Front Episode 10


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Coming to the end now, at the time, I didn't know that there would only be 2 more shows left, but the availability and flexibility of everyone's schedules started to dwindle.

Home Front Episode 9

New Beginnings

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Basements and street corners.

When all set locations were exhausted, we took it to the basement and streets to change the scenery a bit.