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Home Movies 1979

Chris & Petey Interviews

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Singa Songa. I obviously was not an avid Met fan, even though I was busting out nicely, on my NY Mets jacket.

Home Movies 1980

April Birthdays Grandma Testa's House

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On the tape, my dad said it December 5th, 1980, but it has to be in April where it's Grandma Testa, Anna and Cynthias' birthdays. Nonetheless, it's been a staple in our house to remember that group which got together routinely at Bleecker for most of my childhood.

Cesca-Anna Movie

Your my best friend.

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A quick little video of Cesca and Anna to Queen's "You're My Best Friend."

Horrid Extra Dry

Horrid extra dry commercial 1981

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Filmed on the rooftop of TSS, this commercial had it all. Bad audio and bad acting.

Aries "Ventura Highway"

Aries audio dubbed over me playing the guitar.

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The audio was pretty crappy so my dad decided to record over it with Aries' rendition of Ventura HIghway.

Home Movies 1979

Cynthia, Grandma Testa, Anna (Pasquini) birthday at Bleecker.

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A throwback to the late seventies where all the Testas congregated on a weekly basis.

Petey Gets Tonsils Removed

Gets much remebered blessing from Grandma Testa

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Coming home from the hospital after getting tonsils and adnoids removed, greeted by Grandma Vera, Aunt Josie and Grandma Testa.

A Trip to TPC Sawgrass

A little TPC action.

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A quick round at TPC Sawgrass in Florida with Chris, Ed and Dennis.

Joey & Lynda's Wedding Video

March 26, 1988

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Joey & Lynda's Wedding. The first of two wedding videos that would become staples in the Amari house growing up. We have watched this and Anna & Sal's Wedding videos so many times, we can recite all the best wishes interviews by heart.

Susan & Chris' Wedding Video

When Susan Amari and Chris Dispensa got married.

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This is the video of when Susan Amari married Chris Dispensa, and vice versa.