Home Front


The Band Defiance

The Gig At St. Brigids Autitorium

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Relive this action packed St. Brigid auditorium, 1984 concert, the way it should be relived. Dark, blurry, and distorted. A cannot miss extravaganza of music performed by the band known as "Defiance."

Home Front Episode 1

Welcome to Willshire Falls

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Funny thing about this family, they've grown to expect and accept the bizarre. I've never been asked "why did you start a soap opera?" only, "what day do I need to be at your house to shoot my scenes?"

Lila and Thomas the Train

It's the Lila Monie

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You never know when an idea is going to present itself, and this one, was during an early morning... Yes, in the bathroom. It is what it is. The thought of it though came from Olivia screaming at the top of her lungs the day before at Katz' Deli. We're at the table and she's screaming, "go go Thomas, go!"

Home Front Episode 2

Under Control!

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News of a hit soap opera spread through the Amari clan pretty quickly, and the 9 person cast became a 20 person production overnight!

Home Front Episode 3

The Bitch is Back

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Getting a groove going, the routine began to form. Write the show on Tuesday into Wednesday, setup shoot schedule for Thurs-Saturday, put together and create the show on Sunday-Monday, repeat.

Home Front Episode 4

Searching For Truth

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Tight Shots! Tight Shots! Tight Shots! That is how you create 24 scenes from 6 walls. That and an exercise machine that got more use as a hospital bed than it did as an all in one work out station.

Home Movies 1980

April Birthdays Grandma Testa's House

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On the tape, my dad said it December 5th, 1980, but it has to be in April where it's Grandma Testa, Anna and Cynthias' birthdays. Nonetheless, it's been a staple in our house to remember that group which got together routinely at Bleecker for most of my childhood.

Home Front Episode 6

Liar, Liar

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Really uncle Ed, you want in?

Luckily my quick thinking genius was able to intricately create and weave a character for "big Ed" to portray seamlessly.

Home Front Episode 7

All a Setup

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Midway through the series, we need a slimy biker looking guy, "hey uncle Vi, I heard you wanted a part in the show?"

No matter what the project, you want an ultimate professional, call Vito Amari!