Off the Record

First time writer Peter Amari Jr. publishes his memoir.

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Off the Record, an autobiographical account of the life of Peter Amari Jr.

Christmas 1974 Video

A collection taken around Christmas time 1974.

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So, to pay homage to one of, if not the, best Christmas movie ever made, I took this silent home movie collection and tied it together like in the movie.

Home Movies 1979

Cynthia, Grandma Testa, Anna (Pasquini) birthday at Bleecker.

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A throwback to the late seventies where all the Testas congregated on a weekly basis.

Aries "Ventura Highway"

Aries audio dubbed over me playing the guitar.

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The audio was pretty crappy so my dad decided to record over it with Aries' rendition of Ventura HIghway.